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Frequently Asked Questions

- What are the main advantages of moonO blood pressure monitor compared to other brand?

1. The world's first hand-resting blood pressure monitor, adhering to the humanized concept of "unconscious design", the shape of the hand pillow allows users to naturally complete the side posture correction during the measurement process, increasing the comfort and stability of the measurement, thereby effectively improving the measurement data accuracy.
2. Connect the moonO life App via Bluetooth to realize the intelligent management of blood pressure data. Records are automatically uploaded, and personalized scientific analysis and suggestions are provided.
3. High appearance, high quality, portability, which greatly eliminates the industrial feeling and anxiety brought by traditional medical products, and bring beautiful things into a healthy life!


- What is the function of the hand pillow?

moonO combines the measurement habits of high blood pressure users with ergonomic design principles to launch this hand-pillow blood pressure monitor. The design of the hand-pillow can not only increase the comfort during measurement, but also increase the stability of the measurement posture and greatly improve the accuracy of the measurement data.

- What is the key functionality of moonO blood pressure monitor?

Features include:
· The world's first hand-pillow design blood pressure monitor
· Smart blood pressure management App
· Support 7 countries voice broadcast (US, UK, GER, FR, IT, ES, CHN)
· LCD fully color display
· One button design & Easy to operate
· Built-in lithium battery & Portable


- What is the weight of moonO blood pressure monitor?

The weight of moonO blood pressure monitor is about 0.66 pound.


- What is the size of moonO blood pressure monitor?

Length, 8.42 inches.
Widh, 2.93 inches.
High, 1.69 inches.


- What is the warranty period for moonO blood pressure pressure?

The warranty period for moonO blood pressure pressure is 1 year.


- Where is the battery?

For environmental protection and safety, moonO blood pressure monitor is equipped with a non-removable 1000mA lithium battery.