moonO record your blood pressure data automatically. moonO can upload blood pressure data in real-time and you can share it with a doctor by email at any time.

Worried about how to use an electronic blood pressure monitor?

Clear at A Glance

Button concave and convex design can be distinguished by the one touch

They are all using it

I bought the moonO a couple of weeks ago for my mother. The most accurate hypertension meter I have worn. Thank you so much for your share dear. Kathy Gillan
Very good and innovative blood pressure monitor, which differs positively from the mainstream and stands out. Super comfortable due to the shelf and at the same time still productive, because you take a defined position and this improves the measurement.
It is very convenient and easy to use. I particularly like the easy-to-use display with the different colors depending on the measurement result. A good measuring device with an unusually beautiful design. Maik Emmerich